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Where is Your Donation Going?

Your donation will be split for two amazing causes.

1 - PTSD Research and Support

50% of your donation will help a veteran or first responder who is suffering with PTSD receive a ground-breaking treatment. No more pills being forced on these heroes. The Emilio Rivera Foundation is partnering with PTSD Group.

This amazing establishment administers an injection called SGB (Stellate Ganglion Block.) It is a local anesthetic injection that will be administered into the stellate ganglion, which is a group of nerve cells within the neck that can regulate a person’s fight or flight mechanism. This amazing alternative can help hundreds who are suffering day in and day out.

We will assist individuals, case by case, needs and provide financial aid for treatment or transportation to receive the help they deserve. They have two locations so far, Miami Florida and Tempe Arizona.

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2 - Fire Academy Scholarships

Fire Academy Photo

50% will build a scholarship program to help young, eager individuals who have the desire to help others in need and want to give back to their communities.

The Emilio Rivera Scholarship will give that individual a chance to go to one of the best fire academy’s in the state of Florida, The Florida State Fire College.

Our goal is to have a fully paid academic scholarship. The reason for choosing this college is that Emilio attended this academy in 2014 and received the “Top Dog” award. Emilio loved the fire academy, it provided top notch training and discipline that all marines have instilled in them. The Florida State Fire College is located Ocala, Florida.

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